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Requests for ICCWC support and further information about ICCWC

Any request for ICCWC support or further information on ICCWC can be sent to the CITES Secretariat. The CITES Secretariat will communicate requests for support amongst ICCWC partners as appropriate and advise the requesting country on any further steps that may need to be taken.

The CITES Secretariat can be visited in person, or contacted by mail, phone or email at:


Physical Address

CITES Secretariat International Environment House
11 Chemin des Anémones
CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva

Mailing Address

CITES Secretariat
Palais des Nations
Avenue de la Paix 8-14
1211 Genève 10,

Tel: +41-(0)22-917-81-39/40
Fax: +41-(0)22-797-34-17
Email: info [at] cites [dot] org

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